Review: Mars Kitchen (Chef Rinrin Marinka)

Hi, how's life going?

While my February seems little bit bitter, i tasted something sweet at Mars Kitchen, a cafe owned by Chef Rinrin Marinka. Actually, i thought the name of the cafe is Organic, because before they put the signboard titled "Mars Kitchen", the sunbrella printed "organic cafe" and I already visited the cafe before "Mars Kitchen" conduct their grand opening (Chef Rinrin told me that grand opening will be held on early March). 

My first visit was enjoyable and i never thought the cafe is owned by Chef Rinrin. I visited the cafe because it is only 10 meters from my office and it was raining outside. I had appointment with Ciduy, my best friend of 11years, that day and we could not find the proper and nearby restaurant to meet. While thinking, i just think of the newly-opened cafe beside Snappy Fatmawati and i want to try it since the cafe exterior is convincing, hahahaa

"Rin, I'm already at Organic ya" she said.

I directly get an umbrella and walked to the cafe. At first, i did not notice that there were some people gathered at table near the entrance door. Then ciduy told me after we ordered the food "Rin, is that Chef Rinrin? I just watched her on Kick Andy last night!! she said that she'll open a cafe and i think this is her cafe!"

"Really?? masa sih?" i really did not saw her (Chef Rinrin). LOL.

Ciduy, Chef Rinrin and me
After a while, she came to us and asked how's the cake.. we happily to say that the cake are absolutely amazing (for all-natural&gluten-free food, the taste is amazing). We ate carrot cake and chocolate cake... both of them taste delicious but not too sweet (which is nice, i don't really like too-sweet foods). 

Choco cake (IDR 35K)
The interior of the cafe is cozy and calming due its dimmed light and wooden interiors. Chef Rinrin stated that she will added more menus on its grand opening. The current main course available is just a baked rice (red rice) but the selection of cakes and teas are plenteous; as a tea addict, this is a little heaven to me. hahahaha...

Cozy atmosphere <3

On my second visit, the waiter recognized me and greeted me happily "Hello miss, welcome back". I smile and said "Do you still remember me? wow" hahahaa. At that time, I saw Chef Marinka and Nino Fernandez busily taking care of the customers. 

Gryphon tea, their selection is amazing! (IDR 32K, free 2x refill)

Baked Red Rice, superb! (promotional price IDR 30K, regular price IDR 35K)

Red velvet cupcakes, ENAK!!! (IDR 20K)
Alvin and Vita ordered baked rice and i ordered red velvet cupcakes. I really love the tea, the offers various brand of tea but my favorite is Gyhpon tea. Previously i had so much joy drank Hanami tea, it is tasted like i drink sakura flowers. for the second visit, i ordered Pearl tea (jasmine and Morocco rose), it was great.. hmm.. i mean, GREAT. hahaha because mas Nino brew the tea for me. HAHAHAHA.....   thanks mas Nino, you and chef Rinrin are great couple and very humble. :)

So far, i really like the cafe and i (surely) will visit the cafe again, since they offers great healthy foods and really close to my office. 

Want to visit the cafe?
Mars Kitchen
Jl. RS Fatmawati No. 14B (beside Snappy Fatmawati and Edi Auto/Total Buah Segar)
Jakarta Selatan
Tel. 0813 1166 5788
Twitter: @marskitchenjkt
Instagram: marskitchen


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