Whitewater Rafting: Citatih

From 18 to 21 April 2013, my company held an annual training in Sukabumi. After two-days full of trainings, on the third day we finally can relax! Yohoo

The management already setting up a withwater rafting at Citatih River, and the rafting provider is Riam Jeram. Basically, i don't really like mountains and rivers (because it's quite scary lol XD). From the resort where we stay, we have to drive about 40km to reach RiamJeram's meeting point. 

After team building and lunch, Riam Jeram provides local transportation (angkot) to the river (believe me, the way to reach the river is so offroad, but that is still better than my way to Cimaja and Teluk Kiluan). 

Usually in each raft consist of 4-6 people (excluding the guide). Before rafting, the guide must give a short brief about basic rafting and paddling the oar. My company took the 12km distance package; it is start from Bojongkerta and finished at Leuwilalay. On the 12km route, there are 20-21 cascades, and the names of the cascades are quite funny, such as Jeram Ngehe, Jeram Harga Diri, and Jeram Blender. :D

Don't worry about the documentation, because the provider always brings the DSLR Camera with their rescue team. (Not forget to tell how the rescue team is always directing the guides about the safe zone of the cascades -the rescue team always rafting ahead us :D).

From Ocep's Olympus Tough cam
On the 12Km route, there is a rest area and we've being served with coconut water (fresh from the fruit!) and bakwan (an Indonesian vegetable fritter). The finish line is Kampoeng Jeram in Leuwi lalay. Kampoeng Jeram is a resort with traditional atmosphere. I really want to spend some night at the resort, but unfortunately we have to go back to our resort in Sukabumi.
Riam Jeram's documentation. LOL look out my epic expression!
Overall, the whitewater rafting experience is quite amazing, and i want to try the 57km route (2 day 1 night), with the finish line is in the ocean (yea, you heard me, Ocean! Pelabuhan Ratu for exactly). Wooooo! The 57km route rate is about IDR 1.300.000++ per pax (with min. 20ppl)

Where to go for next time??


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