Bira Island: a Private Trip to Abandoned Resort

Hello little creature!
Hello! My Belitong posts is not finished yet, but i have to write another trip story to chase my short-term-memory syndrome.

On February, i was really busy due to many working task. My manager is leaving for maternity, so i have to do majority of her work. So in February i could not have a trip or just relaxing at home (or finishing my Belitong trip story)... February was the most stressful month i had so far in 2013.

In the end of February, Trip2U is arranging a trip to Bira Island, a former Golf Resort in Kepulauan Seribu. The participant is only 8 people, so i think this trip will be my way to relaxing my mind and body. I told Satu, our trip manager, that i don't want to guiding the guests since Vita already taking care of them, i want to pay the trip and enjoy myself. But the final deal is i have to taking care of documentations and i don't have to pay the trip. So the deal was set off!

Vita told me before that Dita (my Biawak Island trip's friend) will bring their friends (and three of them is Germans). Vita will bring two of her school mate friends and i will bring my best buddy, Nichan. :)

On this trip, i don't prepare much because i'm too lazy to packing up. But i prepared my new Samsung ST200F camera! haha since i bought it in last January, i didn't have a chance to use it because my mom took it for her Umrah journey. 

One of the abandoned cottage
Bira Besar Island, the island was formerly the luxury golf resort but it went bankrupt when the economic crisis in 1998 engulfed. The sign board written that the island is now owned by PT Patra Jasa since 2008. I already came to the Island, but just to hopping and never stay or overnight. The Island have many cottages (i think about twenty to thirty cottages), but now only five cottages are available but all of it in bad conditions.

The wave that day was horrible! we could not swim and snorkeling too long because of it. We hopped to two islands and ending up watch sunset in Gusung Sepa. 

Sunset at Gusung, photo taken by @nisanichan
The story of us
minus me and vita!

At first, i'm positioned myself as a guide, but in the end we really felt like a long lost family HAHAHAHA... because of the private trip and of course, the superb people! On that big island, only us that staying overnight (but in the next morning we are now that some people are camping on the back of the Island). We have a fun trip and games, sharing our story and more and all we have is fun fun and fun! hahaha 

i really thanked to Nichan, Agnes, Nona, Michael, Manu, Marcus, Ardita and Monica for joined the trip and brought so much laughter that all of us will remember. :)

superb shoot! *wink wink*




  1. Eh Rin.. kata temen gw di Kepulauan 1000 itu yang bagus namanya Pulau Karya... Menurut lo gimana? Pernah ke sana ga?

  2. Pulau karya termasuk pulau yang "lama" ada penduduknya, kalo naik dari angke bisa naik boat jurusan P.Panggang-P.Karya.. Setau aku itu pulau yang bisa di hopping kalo kita lagi di pulau Pramuka dan termasuk pulau yang emang bagus kok, sila dicoba ;)


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