Happy 2013 New Year!!

Hello! happy new year for all!

I usually spent the new year's eve at home, just BBQ~ing or watch DVD. I don't like something crowded and noisy, like new year's rave party or carnival. This eve, Andre asked me to join him cycling to the car free night at Sudirman - Thamrin. That was a not-bad-but-not-okay-idea-though, beside my hate to noisy thing, i assured that the street will be crowded than usual car free day. And my guess was very right to every side.

I started to cycling at around 8pm, and rain started to pour although it was not too heavy. I ride my bike along Antasari road, so the rain can't touch me because i ride below the flyover hahahaha. Around 9-10pm we reached Senayan area and the street not so crowded as i imagined before, BUT, when our bike reach Semanggi, the road was so full of people and there are some traditional show prepared at few stages around Semanggi - Benhil to Thamrin.

Rain, rain, rain. 
When we arrived near Bunderan HI (Menara BCA for exactly), our bikes cannot moved forward because the road is very-super-crowded. At the time, my whining habit started to come out. I whined at Andre how my ear felt so disturbed because of the noises and the rain started pouring hard, that makes my whine getting worst although i bought rain coat and umbrella in my bag. 

my swallowed face and big-nose-hyungnim >,<
Fireworks calmed me. Yeah, kinda of. Even though my whines continues, Andre was very calm to handle me and i realize that we were some kind of "Unique" new year's eve. We ate "Bakpao","Pop mie bakso" and drink "Jahe Anget" under our tiny umbrella, watch fireworks while keeping eyes for our bikes (it's not funny if while we watching fireworks, our bikes are gone. right? hahaha) and we got scolded from the security guard because we sat at water pipe Hahahaha (so we have to stands all night long T.T).

i am proud of my phone camera!
 The crowd is quite crazy, woo!
Even though it was noisy, the fireworks and the people was cool. Although the street is full of people, thank God they acted normally, there is no one tried to provoked or else (emh. okay, there is one who wore Jakmania jacket playing with fire flare stick and made some people backed off because they scare of the flare). Over all, the Jakarta Car Free Night was good, there is no "too much money" spent on this celebration and the stages of wayang, dangdut and other things that  was very-Indonesia and Betawis are quite diverting the pedestrian attention and brings all the cherish situation. Yeah, the middle and the lower class people are rare to get those entertainment show for them, and it makes me happy because even the Satpam and Pemulung can dance happily together along the dangdut song under the pouring rain.
Getting home is the hardest thing to do.
Yeah, my knee cap almost detached from my leg. hahaha. Because of the crowd, we thinks to search another way to get home. We agreed to cycled via Sudirman station - Kuningan area - Mampang - Bangka - Antasari - Cipete - Fatmawati (quite far, huh? because my normal route from Thamrin is via Sudirman - Blok M - Fatmawati). It was very exhausting, because all night long we were standing (because there is nowhere to sat on) and my feet were felt so cold because of the rain. Andre is a good cyclist and he cycling regularly, even at night so he seemed fine. But me? yea, i love cycling and few of my cycling routes are quite far too, but at that time my stomach was very unwell because of the period-coming-off, so i asked Andre to stop by few times, we also pumped my tires at the gas station. 

Even though i have to rest and sleep all day at 1st January 2013, i still thanking to the God Almighty for giving me chance to step the new day on the new year. I wish i can saves more money but keeping traveling to various destination (Amen, Amin, Amien).

Have the 2013 spirits! (but not to drink spirits i mean, HA!)



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