Upcoming Trip: Melaka, MY

The day after tomorrow i'll go to Malaysia with my brother, Yudha. Firstly we're not so sure about going to Malaysia, usually it ended up with "just conversation-trip" lol. We planned to go to Melaka, the old city at southern Malaysia, just like old town in Jakarta (known as "Fatahilah"), Melaka is near to the harbor too..  

When i told the plan about going to Malaysia, many of my office mate forbidding me to go there (because of the national issues, etc), but according to my brother (who once lived there) and my friend (who is infatuated with Malaysia, and i don't know why), Malaysia is not that bad. So, I'll get my own perspective by going there, right? :)

our ticket! *dancing*
At first we want to go on 14 or 15 (which is today and tomorrow), but when i'm browsing around, the tickets is quite expensive, of course because of the long weekend holiday  (the price is about IDR 700.000 to up a million IDR one way). I tried to find the cheaper one, and Air Asia offered such an amazing price for 16th November, only IDR 450.000 including return ticket! (awesome huh?) hehe.. The raw ticket price is only IDR 199K, but the airport tax and fuel surcharge are more expensive than the ticket (about IDR 250K) hehe. Then i told my brother about it and he agreed, so here we are, preparing our trip to Melaka :D 

So, Bismillah and Yeaaaay! ;)


  1. Ojo lali sholat yho, Nduk..

    Yaelah udah mirip emak-emak gini gw *sigh


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