Recent Trip: Malaysia (Arrival)

From my last post, i already told you that i want to share my story about me going to Malaysia (especially, Melaka) :D...

so here i go: 

Jakarta, Indonesia:

departing! yeay
We had to wait about two hours at Starbucks terminal 3 because our Damri is too fast. LOL. Yea.. we depart from yudha's at 11 because we need to look for money changer at Blok M. Then we took Damri at 12noon. Zzzzz the damri arrived at airport within 30minutes. Holy. Hahaha we're too early.. -,-

I watched news at the night before. It stated that the airport will be crowded at noon during long weekend. So i think that the toll gate will be crowded with people who want take planes for their holiday,but then i got trolled by the news. The road was very empty -.- ...

Sepang, Malaysia:
When arrived at LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal, like Halim airport in Indonesia, but LCCT much more better).. we ate at the food-garden because we think that the restaurant is too expensive :p. At food-garden, i ate nasi lemak for 4.05RM.. when we were eating, i saw "Visit Indonesia" advertorial on the airport tv.. yeaay! Nice play Kemenparekraf.. :D

When we stop by at KLIA,  yudha was taking long time in toilet..the bus  driver almost forgot him -,- i had to run and scream in front of toilet for calling him. We were so in hurry that forgot to bought the tickets to Melaka Sentral at the ticket counter (which is cheaper that direct pay to the driver). The direct price from LCCT to Melaka was about 22RM (normally it just around 12 to 16 RM)

Melaka, Malaysia:
We arrived at Melaka Sentral around 11pm. There is no bus at the time, so we must use taxi to reached Ringo's. I hate Malaysian taxis at Melaka!!! Really, besides the drivers doesn't want to use the meter at night, the car is really bad. Like cars on 70's, too old and expensive! We had to pay 20RM to Jl. Portugis, where is ringo's at (if we take Bus, it only cost 1,7RM). Moreover, if i use regular taxi in Indonesia, i'm sure i just to paid about 15.000 IDR ( about 5RM). :( The better taxis at Melaka is called VIP taxis,etc (use meter and better car), but the car is same as regular taxis in Indonesia like BlueBird or Express.

Ringo's Foyer, the super-affordable price with incredible ambient!
When we got to our guest house, ringo'sfoyer, i felt lil bit amazed.. although the building is just a office block (ruko, in indonesian), the interior is so unique.. and the atmosphere is nice.. the other backpackers were really nice too, (ringo's foyer was very full at the time) .. i got short brief about the house from Carol, the staff at ringo's. Me and bro got to rooftop and found many people were partying .. we asked to joined, yudha joined but i did not. I was really in a bad condition at the time, i throwed up at KLIA, i think that i got dizzy and it comes with great headache. So i stayed at the room and just whastapp-ing andre. 

the first step to Melaka has just landed! wait for the next experiences!
Special Notice:

psst! Ringo's Foyer price is really cheap! go check on the aforementioned link!

The funny thing i found is the language here. Really, i just can't stop laughing when i read or hear malay. Some words that i founds are "telepon bimbit" (mobilephones), "tandas" (toilet), "punggung" (buttock! When in Indonesia punggung means back body), "kacau" (stir, but in Indonesia it means chaos! hahahaha) and many more (my brother, who live long enough at KL, already teaches me some words and he suggest me to rather speak englis) because people here mostly know english unlike in Indonesia.

Other funny thing is Indonesian songs are everywhere! Wtf hahahaha...i heard Ungu's, Rossa's, Cinta Satu Malam, Bang SMS Siapa bang, Afgan's and even Noah's! I felt that i don't really go abroad :p


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