Recent Trip: Malaysia (Getting around Melaka)

Wandering around Melaka at light
In the morning, we were ready to take a walk ... usually, at 9pm, at my city, Bekasi.. the activity is already begin and the street already crowded with the traffic.. but in here, Melaka, almost everyone aren't woke up yet..and the street was very empty...(once we saw one-two tourist like us..)

Firstly, we take a route to Jonker St., then we walked to Christ church and Stadhuys. You'll amazed by the red-painted buildings there! awesome!!!!. The old town central was very crowded since that day is a long weekend. We walked to st. Paul's church, Porta de Santiago and many museums. Melaka is very clean city and you even can't smoke at public area like parks, etc. very nice! The museums are also very maintained, i respect the Melaka government. The water transportation is also unique, it's called "Jeti" you have to pay 15 RM to get down along Melaka river. (note : At night, the river will be shine with colorful LED lamp and it is so beautiful!)

The Old City
After circling around, the rain came and we had to stay at Jl. TMR (Taman Melaka Raya). We found a buffet restaurant and we had lunch while waiting the rain stops, while eating, Yudha panicked because his phone was not found in anywhere (neither in our bags or his pocket).  So, he borrow an umbrella and back to Mahkota area, the last place we rest and saw his phone. But there is nowhere to found. i felt sorry for him because i was the one who want to take a rest that time :( .. sooner and slowly after the incident, we take it easy and take a walk around town square and little India. The bad effect of his lost phone accident is that he brings my tablet anytime, everywhere! and could not stop chatting on fb, email, etc. -__-" grrrr... 

The night market!
After tired and hungry because of the city-walking, we indulged our appetite! we tried many foods and drink :D and the night market is the star of the city! The night market is located at Jonker Street (also known as Jalan Hang Jebat, china town) selling many kind of things, from food to household goods. At the center of the china town, there is a stage that performed various kind of china culture, such as the poet reading at the time. I really enjoyed the night market, beside it has so many foods, the atmosphere is very enchanting!
(Dimsum 3 RM for 6 dimsum, 1,5RM for three;
Potato Twist, 3 RM; Fishball 2RM; Cat-eye drink 1RM, etc, forgot, too many snacking!)

China Town

Last day
We are a little bit slowly this morning.. we woke up at 7 and get off guest house to wandering around the city at 10.30 (yesterday we woke up at 6 and start walking around the city at 8.30).. we get to little India first, but there is nothing interest at the time. then we moved to near Kampung Jawa area. There are many Muslim's food stall here.. so if you afraid to eat at Chinese restaurant, then you could eat here with our worries. We choose on stall and then we drank cendol and ate mee goreng mama. The cendol of Melaka is kinda different that Indonesian cendol, i must said that our cendol is tastier! hahaaha. Mee goreng mama is a fried noodle cooked with soy sauce. Mee goreng mama is also same, the taste is not different than our Mie Goreng, but, there are some ingredients different. :)
(Mee goreng mama: 4RM; Cendol: 1.2RM)

After eating, we wander around old city again, but this time we take a different road and we found a colonial cemetery, the down hill of St. Paul's church. Tired of walking, we get back to our guesthouse and eating chicken rice at the down of the guest house. After eating, I slept about two hours when my brother waking me up and asking me to join eat Laksa Nyonya with the other guest at our place. Because of sleepiness, we kind of late to enter Jonker88 (the other guest already inside but the place crowded as hell that we could not enter the restaurant!). So, my brother asking me if i want to eat Laksa Nyonya at the restaurant beside Jonker88 and i said "okay, i don't want to queuing just to eat Laksa". The restaurant beside the Jonker88 is also serves good foods and the atmosphere like a classic Chinese restaurant that i always see on chow yung fat or stephen chow's movies hehehehe.
(Chicken Rice: 4RM, Asam Laksa Nyonya: 4RM)

Laksa Nyonya, the signature dish of Melaka, done! hehe okay, we still want to snacking and Yudha want to eat Durian so badly (in contrast, i hate Durian!!!). There is many Durian shop at Melaka and they also made various kind of Durian dishes, like cendol Durian, Durian pie, Durian ice cream, Durian puff, etc. Yudha ate durian puff and he said that the taste is incredible (i don't want to imagine that).
(Durian puff: 2RM each, 1dozen only 20RM)
Food food food!!!!
After that, Yudha asking me to walk around the "Big Ship" that we walked the day before. He said that the river atmosphere is very nice. Then we walked along the river until we met a port, Dumai - Melaka route. The port is very neat, modern designed and so many Indonesian from Sumatera comes to Melaka via ship. When we want to see the sea from the bridge, we see a coast, quite far from where we stand, about one-two km. I challenge my brother to walk to the coast. The area is very quiet and there are a large field, full of crows! yea, crows everywhere! they even doesn't fly when we passing them by, kinda scary T_T . After a long walk, i really tired and slept until night. 

The last night
Again, the other foreigner at our guesthouse asking us to go diner "Satay" with them near little India, and again, we lost them. LOL. In the end, me and my brother just walking around little India and we walked until reach a shining park, Pirate Bay, the small amusement park, but quite fascinating because of the lighting. yeah, it shines the dark-river at night!. We took a few photos and walking back to guesthouse. Previously i really want to diner chicken rice again, but the restaurant was closed at 5pm, so we walked to Jonker Street, ate satay celup and watch the elderly sang karaoke at the stage hall. That night we were very relax, just walked and felt the night :D
(Satay celup: 1RM each (the halal-ones))

The shining river~

The Nation Body Builder Statue Story
Firstly when we walked at Jonker Street in the morning, we saw a body builder statue near Jonker88, me and my brother really laughed our ass so bad, hahaha, the statue's head is too cute compared to the "monstrous" body. LOL. We also read the caption of the statue "Mr. Melaka, Mr. Malaysia, Mr. Asia and Mr. Universe, The father of Body Building" wow! the statue is a real person! When we walked home at night, we saw the statue again, but this time is a full body statue in a different place! wow, this city must adores him that much! 

After googling here-and-there, i found the fact that you can read it by your selves! ;p

mungkin tulisan kali ini berantakan -___-" maaf ya ribet bacanya :)


Recent Trip: Malaysia (Arrival)

From my last post, i already told you that i want to share my story about me going to Malaysia (especially, Melaka) :D...

so here i go: 

Jakarta, Indonesia:

departing! yeay
We had to wait about two hours at Starbucks terminal 3 because our Damri is too fast. LOL. Yea.. we depart from yudha's at 11 because we need to look for money changer at Blok M. Then we took Damri at 12noon. Zzzzz the damri arrived at airport within 30minutes. Holy. Hahaha we're too early.. -,-

I watched news at the night before. It stated that the airport will be crowded at noon during long weekend. So i think that the toll gate will be crowded with people who want take planes for their holiday,but then i got trolled by the news. The road was very empty -.- ...

Sepang, Malaysia:
When arrived at LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal, like Halim airport in Indonesia, but LCCT much more better).. we ate at the food-garden because we think that the restaurant is too expensive :p. At food-garden, i ate nasi lemak for 4.05RM.. when we were eating, i saw "Visit Indonesia" advertorial on the airport tv.. yeaay! Nice play Kemenparekraf.. :D

When we stop by at KLIA,  yudha was taking long time in toilet..the bus  driver almost forgot him -,- i had to run and scream in front of toilet for calling him. We were so in hurry that forgot to bought the tickets to Melaka Sentral at the ticket counter (which is cheaper that direct pay to the driver). The direct price from LCCT to Melaka was about 22RM (normally it just around 12 to 16 RM)

Melaka, Malaysia:
We arrived at Melaka Sentral around 11pm. There is no bus at the time, so we must use taxi to reached Ringo's. I hate Malaysian taxis at Melaka!!! Really, besides the drivers doesn't want to use the meter at night, the car is really bad. Like cars on 70's, too old and expensive! We had to pay 20RM to Jl. Portugis, where is ringo's at (if we take Bus, it only cost 1,7RM). Moreover, if i use regular taxi in Indonesia, i'm sure i just to paid about 15.000 IDR ( about 5RM). :( The better taxis at Melaka is called VIP taxis,etc (use meter and better car), but the car is same as regular taxis in Indonesia like BlueBird or Express.

Ringo's Foyer, the super-affordable price with incredible ambient!
When we got to our guest house, ringo'sfoyer, i felt lil bit amazed.. although the building is just a office block (ruko, in indonesian), the interior is so unique.. and the atmosphere is nice.. the other backpackers were really nice too, (ringo's foyer was very full at the time) .. i got short brief about the house from Carol, the staff at ringo's. Me and bro got to rooftop and found many people were partying .. we asked to joined, yudha joined but i did not. I was really in a bad condition at the time, i throwed up at KLIA, i think that i got dizzy and it comes with great headache. So i stayed at the room and just whastapp-ing andre. 

the first step to Melaka has just landed! wait for the next experiences!
Special Notice:

psst! Ringo's Foyer price is really cheap! go check on the aforementioned link!

The funny thing i found is the language here. Really, i just can't stop laughing when i read or hear malay. Some words that i founds are "telepon bimbit" (mobilephones), "tandas" (toilet), "punggung" (buttock! When in Indonesia punggung means back body), "kacau" (stir, but in Indonesia it means chaos! hahahaha) and many more (my brother, who live long enough at KL, already teaches me some words and he suggest me to rather speak englis) because people here mostly know english unlike in Indonesia.

Other funny thing is Indonesian songs are everywhere! Wtf hahahaha...i heard Ungu's, Rossa's, Cinta Satu Malam, Bang SMS Siapa bang, Afgan's and even Noah's! I felt that i don't really go abroad :p


Upcoming Trip: Melaka, MY

The day after tomorrow i'll go to Malaysia with my brother, Yudha. Firstly we're not so sure about going to Malaysia, usually it ended up with "just conversation-trip" lol. We planned to go to Melaka, the old city at southern Malaysia, just like old town in Jakarta (known as "Fatahilah"), Melaka is near to the harbor too..  

When i told the plan about going to Malaysia, many of my office mate forbidding me to go there (because of the national issues, etc), but according to my brother (who once lived there) and my friend (who is infatuated with Malaysia, and i don't know why), Malaysia is not that bad. So, I'll get my own perspective by going there, right? :)

our ticket! *dancing*
At first we want to go on 14 or 15 (which is today and tomorrow), but when i'm browsing around, the tickets is quite expensive, of course because of the long weekend holiday  (the price is about IDR 700.000 to up a million IDR one way). I tried to find the cheaper one, and Air Asia offered such an amazing price for 16th November, only IDR 450.000 including return ticket! (awesome huh?) hehe.. The raw ticket price is only IDR 199K, but the airport tax and fuel surcharge are more expensive than the ticket (about IDR 250K) hehe. Then i told my brother about it and he agreed, so here we are, preparing our trip to Melaka :D 

So, Bismillah and Yeaaaay! ;)

Recent Trip: Bi Bi Biawaaaaak!

Biawak! hello biawak! itulah judul blognya si SatuCL dan juga judul album Trip2u. Sebenarnya ke Indramayu adalah keinginan saya dan teman saya si Aticeu untuk jalan-jalan, saya mau snorkeling, dia mau jajanan anak SD. (aneh kan? saya juga ga ngerti maunya dia hehe). Karena si atta ini nyambi kuliah S2, jadinya jum'at-sabtu ga bisa di ajak jalan jauh.. that's why saya menyebar rencana pergi melalui e-mail, whatsapp dan bbm teman-teman terdekat untuk ikutan sharing cost ke pulau ini, ternyata banyak sekali loh yang minat, termasuk beberapa teman saya waktu ke Ujung Kulon kemarin, sayang saya hanya bisa mengakomodir sedikit orang saja.. 

Singkat cerita, penuh liku menuju pulau biawak. Yah, 5 jam perjalanan dari Kampung Rambutan menunju Indramayu bukanlah perkara mudah, karena mengingat kita harus duduk manis selama enam jam lagi untuk sampai ke Pulau Biawak dari muara karangsong. Tapi semua terbayar loh, pulaunya sangat bagus! indahhhh, sayang pemerintah kurang memperhatikan, padahal Pulau Biawak adalah termasuk Kawasan Konservasi Laut Daerah, tapi sangat tidak diperhatikan. Pak manto, penjaga pulau kesulitan mendapat listrik, air bersih dan makanan, karena pasokannya tiga bulan sekali. bahkan kalau mau merokok pun harus menunggu nelayan yang akan balik ke kota. Tapi dermaga pulau biawak sedang dalam proses perbaikan, bagus lah. Karena di beberapa blog yang saya baca untuk referensi ke pulau biawak mengatakan bahwa dermaga sudah hancur dan rumah dinas pak manto sudah roboh-roboh. Beruntunglah saya karena saat saya kesana bangunan baru dibetulkan atas bantuan suatu pihak, tapi tetap saja saya mandi jama'ah di sumur, sama seperti waktu saya ke Teluk Kiluan, Lampung Selatan. hehe

Snorkeling di pulau Biawak membuat saya merasa berada di great barrier reef, hahaa, karena pemandangan bawah lautnya sangat indah!!! saya sendiri jadi berani untuk tidak menggunakan life vest dan menyusuri gugusan karang dengan ikan dimana-mana! wow such an amazing journey i have! sampai sekarang, kulit saya masih menghitam dan mengelupas karena saya tidak mau naik ke darat! hahaha.. teman-teman saya yang lain ada yang ke sumur pink, bahkan ada yang naik ke mercusuar! haha pokoknya saya tidak mau berhenti berenang, saya jatuh cinta dengan apa yang saya lihat saat itu. :)  

Our precious nemo @ Biawak Island! ga usah berenang dalam-dalam untuk bisa lihat si cantik ini :) photo by: Satu Cahaya Langit

Karena ada yang bilang memori manusia hanya bertahan satu hari untuk menceritakan secara detil semua kejadiannya, jadi saya hanya bisa mengingat dan menulis apa yang tersisa dalam memori saya.. 

yang jelas, saya senang sudah mengunjungi suatu pulau yang cukup terpencil, di Indonesia, dengan pemandangan yang super indah! yeay!


cerita tentang jalan - jalan (part 2)

Kenapa.. kenapa saya baru start traveling dua tahun belakangan ini? hehe, curhat dikit boleh kali ah.. pertama, saya tidak ada uang. ya, tidak ada sama sekali loh. bahkan dulu sewaktu SMA, kalau tidak punya uang ya tidak berangkat sekolah. hehe. keuangan keluarga kami saat itu sedang berada pada titik terbawah. no words can describe that moment. bahkan untuk sampai masuk UI pun saya harus rela-rela memohon kepada pihak fakultas untuk memotong 75% uang pangkal+semester pertama saya. well, short-story, saya mulai sedikit-sedikit menabung, Thank God saya mendapatkan beasiswa saya pada semester ketiga hingga saya lulus, jadi uang semesteran tidak perlu dipusingkan :D 

Guess, Dawn or Sunset?! (backside of the Pramuka Island, Karinyoo, 2010)
Kakak saya lebih dulu traveling daripada saya, ya dia kuliah di Malaysia gituh.. padahal pada saat yang sama saya juga mendapatkan tawaran untuk melanjutkan SMA di Singapura, namun ibu saya lebih suka salah satu anaknya "ada" dirumah. hehe untung tidak jadi kuliah di luar, bisa-bisa saya stress karena masalah keuangan yang mendadak tersebut. hehe

Tahun 2010, kakak saya bersama teman CS-nya (couchsurfing), ingin pergi ke pulau Pramuka, Kepulauan Seribu. Saya ingin ikut! *rogoh - rogoh kantong* akhirnya saya mengajak orang terdekat dan teman saya untuk ikutan juga. Sejak pertama kali saya menginjak pulau Pramuka, saya langsung terkesima dengan air berwarna tosca tersebut.. cuma bengong, saat itu saya masih ketakutan akan tenggelam (well, sekarang udah nyebur gitu aja, paling takutnya sama bulbab dan karang tajam). Pulau pramuka dua tahun lalu dan sekarang sangat jauh berbeda... jauh sekali :). Dulu tidak ada kolam buatan, speda, dan listrik masih setengah hari loh, orang jualan pun gak banyak, ga ada toko souvenir sperti sekarang ini. Dari situ juga saya berkenalan dengan duo Jerman, Peter dan Mega-lee. Mereka sangat ramah dan menyenangkan. Sejak saat itu saya bertekad untuk sering-sering traveling, melihat alam dan bertemu orang baru! yeay :)

Pertama kali ke pulau itulah yang menyebabkan saya saat ini bisa sering wara-wiri ke kepulauan seribu dengan gratis dan makin mencintai alam, :) dan juga bertemu boss dekil Satu Cahaya Langit untuk pertama kali :P :) (NOTE: berkunjung ya ke Trip2U :D)


cerita tentang jalan - jalan

Saya baru mulai traveling sekitar dua tahun yang lalu. Mungkin cukup terlambat ato ketinggalan tren. #loh hahaha.. tidak kok, saya tidak traveling karena tren. Saya orangnya suka sesuatu yang menantang, namun kala itu saya tidak punya resource ke hal-hal tersebut (baca: kere). :)  

Source: dailytravelphotos.com

Saya pertama kali pergi keluar negeri pada tahun 2002, ya 10 tahun yang lalu. Saya mengikuti ajang "World Scout Jamboree" di Thailand. Saya berusia 13 tahun kala itu, tidak ada pendamping yang mumpuni juga (guru saya tidak bisa berbahasa inggris),saya hanya mengandalkan bahasa inggris saya yang sudah dilatih sejak SD oleh ibu saya (sehabis pulang sekolah saat SD saya langsung kursus bahasa inggris dekat rumah).

Thailand. seingat saya pertama kali ke negara itu adalah "mirip Jakarta". Ya, sangat mirip, hanya lebih bersih. hehehe.. kami naik Bus dari bandara ke Chonburi, tempat kami camping, ya, kami camping di pinggir pantai pattaya!! keren khan? hahaha.. Pokoknya acara itu sangat keren, kita juga berkenalan dengan pramuka-pramuka dari negara lain, sampai ada yang mengejar-ngejarku ke tenda, orang Bangladesh. haha. Dari mulai berpantai ria, kunjungan ke sekolah-sekolah, melihat para biksu sepanjang jalan, sampai trekking ke bukit pun kami jalani...saya punya banyak dokumentasi saat itu, namun sayang saat banjir besar 2005 semua foto-foto tersebut hilang :( ... 

Setelah acara tersebut selesai, kami (team Indonesia) diberi kesempatan untuk jalan-jalan di Bangkok. wah, senang sekali pikirku.. kami menginap di hotel tidak jauh dari Golden Temple (saya cuma tahu nama itu golden temple, karena itu emas semua.. hahaha), ternyata namanya Wat Arun toh (abis googling).. :p kami juga sempat naik river boat di chao phraya ... Malamnya kami jalan-jalan ke mall terdekat, mencoba naik taksi (tuk-tuk) dan FAILED! si abang tuktuk mana tau maksud kite ke mall hehehe...but somehow we fixed that..udah berjalan-jalan ke mall tersebut, saya menabrak seorang perempuan cantik dengan tinggi 180cm, beneran cantik banget! saya bilang "sorry", dan dia membalas sesuatu dengan bahasa native, dengan suara NGEBASS. ternyata bencoooong.. hahaha pengalaman tidak terlupakan sekali, pulangnya kita naik taxi-meter (regular taksi, macamnya bluebird gitu kalo di Indo)... 

saya berencana pergi ke Thailand lagi, namun tujuannya ke phi phi Island.. (mengakomodir hobby saya dua tahun belakangan ini, snorkeling)

Itu adalah pengalaman saya pertama kali keluar negri... lalu.. kenapa saya baru traveling lagi sekitar dua tahun belakangan? maybe next post.. hehe :)



Start writing again ....

hello, I'm starting to write again...
i had to delete all my blogs i write because of some personal problems :(

now i have new motivation to starts writing again, to share my path of life #wahahahaha

okay, let's get started! wohooo! 

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